Got a 70's head but a modern lover
I'm a 17 years old ordinary girl who adores the BEATLES and ARCTIC MONKEYS and wants to write my own fanfictions about them. (I'm still writing) If you wanna talk to me, please feel free to approach my inbox. Peace and Love! xoxox

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does that cute house have anything 2 do with arctic monkeys? im not at all mad about reblogging it. i mean its your fucking blog do whatever but i was just wondering if there was anything connected between that cute house and arctic monkeys that i didnt know about

as you can see there’s no connection and i feel like reblogging it cause i like it. not all i post really has a connection with AM maybe most but not all. :) i hope you’re not confused about it. 

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you may now kiss each other

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hey cookie

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What if George Harrison barges in to your room so suddenly, scaring the heck out of you and then started singing Got My Mind Set On You complete with groovy dance moves and high kicks. 

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